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Takve Kanhe Phata
old mumbai pune highway


Commerce Avenue, 4th Floor, Paud Road,
Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

Contact number: +91 20 6687 7000
Email Id: info@svbrealty.in

Break Free From The Concrete Life

Reminisce those carefree days of fun and frolic in nature’s lap? Playing in sand all day long, climbing
a branch to pluck that juicy fruit, feeling awakened by the scent of dewy earth and running endlessly
in open fields.

Those were the days when we broke into sweat from feel-good recreational activities and not from
the rat race of a stressful lifestyle. Those days when the environment around us was uncontaminated
and we breathed in clean air.

Come, recreate these moments of true bliss not just for yourself but your kids too. The striving
effort of Ecostone is to give your kids the priceless gift of living your childhood
alongside you.

Ecostone completely negates use of polluting materials like concrete or cement. A unique housing concept
like Ecostone deserved the foundation of an exotic construction component — the chira stone.
Specially transported from the Konkan area, chira stone is a temperature-resistant geo product that shields its
residents from outside heat or cold. Thereby, reducing electricity consumption and reducing
the carbon footprint.


Making Concrete Memories. Not Walls.

Welcome back to life. Welcome to Ecostone — A home beyond house, a place beyond time.
Ecostone promises to bring back the yesteryears of pollution-free India with modern day sensibilities
of a green lifestyle. Where concrete memories were made, not walls. Where bonds were cemented,
not roads. And where friends jumped actual walls with us and not simply tagged us on virtual walls.
The project's emphasis is to break away from the daily monotony and stress of life, and help
reconnect with your loved ones and yourself.

Welcome to a life beyond the stress of the concrete jungle.